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新标准大学英语综合教程4 Unit2

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新标准 大学 英语 综合 教程 Unit2
1Unit 2Section I Listening Comprehension I. Short conversationsDirections: In this section you'll hear some short conversations. Listen carefully and choose the best answer to the questions you hear.1. A. Talking about arts.B. Writing up local news.C. Reading newspapers.D. Putting up advertisements.C2. A. He should wait.B. He should call and check on it.C. He should make a complaint.D. He should go and check it by himself.A3. A. A student.B. A teaching assistant.C. A professor.D. A journalist.D4. A. When the woman’s birthday is. B. What the book is about. C. Why the book is popular. D. What is out of stock.C5. A. At the office.B. At a bank.C. In a hospital.D. At the library.D6. A. $6.9.B. $10.68.C. $8.69.D. $1.99.B7. A. He should finish all the pages before midnight.B. He should work from midnight to morning.C. He shouldn’t try to finish everything tonight.D. He should leave in the morning.C8. A. They should go to the movie.B. They should read the book.C. They should go to the movie and then read the book.D. They should read the book and then go to the movie.2D9. A. The man bought quite a lot of books.B. The man should set up a library.C. The bookstore doesn’t have many books.D. The man doesn’t know what books to buy.A10. A. He dislikes it.B. He loves it.C. He doesn’t want to read it.D. He loves the beginning part of the book.BII. Long conversations Directions: In this section you'll hear a long conversation or conversations. Listen carefully and choose the best answer to the questions you hear.Conversation 11. A. An autobiography of Bob Dylan.B. A book written by Bob Dylan.C. An autobiography of Howard Sounes.D. A biography by Howard Sounes.D2. A. 5.B. 13.C. 15.D. 30.C3. A. By Friday.B. By Monday.C. In three days.D. Not given.A4. A. Colleagues.B. Classmates.C. Teacher and student.D. Librarian and reader.BConversation 21. A. At home.B. At her parents’ home.C. In her office.D. They are lost.B32. A. Runaway Bunny.B. Goodnight Moon.C. Green Eggs and Ham.D. Stephen King’s novel.C3. A. He doesn’t like reading.B. It’s difficult for him to find the time to finish a book.C. He begins to love reading from now on.D. He usually reads at least two or three books a month.DIII. Understanding PassagesDirections: In this section you'll hear a passage or passages. Listen carefully and choose the best answer to the questions you hear.Passage 11. A. Losing weight.B. Making more money.C. Falling in love.D. Reading more.B2. A. Interesting but hard ones.B. Good but hard ones.C. Good and not too difficult ones.D. Extremely difficult ones.C3. A. A book.B. The purse.C. A map.D. A card.APassage 21. A. A new bookstore.B. An traditional bookstore.C. An online bookstore. D. A clothing store.D2. A. It switched focus.B. It was closed.C. It was bought by Kitson.D. It was planning to merge with Kitson.A3. A. 100,000.B. 2,00.4C. 200 or so.D. Not mentioned.C4. A. Because they are not allowed to be sold online.B. Because they can not arouse readers’ interest.C. Because they have beautiful covers to attract readers.D. Because they can get lost in online book selling.DPassage 31. A. Books.B. Love.C. Friendship.D. Knowledge.D2. A. It broadens our horizon.B. It improves our talking.C. It creates awareness for other people and culture.D. It gives a new direction to the mind to think.B3. A. Parents should read aloud to children.B. Children should read by themselves to feel the benefits of reading.C. Reading aloud would enhance children’s creative thinking.D. Children should read only fairy tales.CPassage 41. A. It is held to call for children to celebrate the birthday of Dr Seuss.B. It is held on March 5. C. Its activities aim to bring reading excitement to children of all ages.D. It is an annual reading motivation and awareness program.B2. A. Athletes and actors.B. Teachers and principals.C. Children.D. Governors, mayors and other elected officials.D3. A. Issue reading challenges to young readers.B. Dye their hair green or be stuck to a wall to boost reading.C. Assign reading tasks to children.D. Celebrate the birthday of the beloved children’s author.BPassage 51. A. Because we cannot absorb all the information into our brain by reading.5B. Because we have different ways of thinking.C. Because the work is too difficult.D. Because we are like computers linked in networks.A2. A. It means the reading process is casual.B. It means the reading process depends on the reader’s knowledge or capacity of perception.C. It means the reading process depends on the reader’s mood.D. It means that the writer can channel the reader into certain interpretations.D3. A. The writer divides the essay into parts.B. The writer writes long paragraphs.C. The writer gives the reader certain clues.D. The writer channels the reader into certain interpretations.B4. A. How to read creatively.B. How to read effectively.C. How to write creatively.D. How to write for creative reading.DIV. Compound DictationDirections: In this section you will hear a passage or passages three times. When the passage is read for the first time, you should listen carefully for its general idea. When the passage is read for the second time, you are required to fill in the blanks with the information you have just heard. Finally, when the passage is read for the third time, you should check what you have written.Passage 1Writers come in all shapes and sizes — film critics, novelists, editorial columnists (报纸专栏作家), screenwriters (剧作家) and technical writers. Many spend the beginnings of their careers (1) their skills as they await a big break. While all writers prefer to write on (2) of personal interests, most professionals are (3) topics by an editor. Writers may work at home or in an office, but (4) their office is, writers generally spend upwards of 40 hours a week hard at work — even if only a fraction (小部分) of that time is spent actually (5) the keys of a word processor. Writers begin by asking questions and researching a subject. The process of “writing” may involve (6) interviews, reading up on a subject at the library, (7)to a far-off location or even surfing the Internet for (8) . A writer must be open to the possibility that new information will change the original angle of a piece. (9) . Then it may be time for an editor to review the material and suggest changes. (10) . The editing process continues until the editor and the writer judge the material ready for publication. Writers cooperate with the other professionals involved in the media, such as photographers, graphic designers, and advertisers. (11) . 6Keys:(1)practicing (2)subjects (3)assigned (4)wherever (5)tapping (6)conducting (7)traveling/travelling (8)clues(9)As he gathers the necessary information, he gradually develops a working outline from which he then works up a draft(10)A writer may wait and send a completed draft to an editor, while others may prefer to send it in parts(11)And screenwriters write original pieces or adapt existing books or stories for the stage or screenPassage 2The Art of War is the greatest military theoretical (理论的) work in ancient China which also has a (1) amount of influence worldwide. The book deals with both (2) thought and philosophical (哲学的) ideas, which have since been widely (3) in the areas of the military, politics, and economics. Its author, Sun Wu, was a great Chinese strategist during the Spring and Autumn Period and is (4) as Military Sage (贤人). He came to Wu State to (5) the war and was nominated (任命) as a general by the king of Wu State. He (6) 200,000 Chu State soldiers with only 30,000 soldiers. This established his fame in the military field. After (7)on his experiences, he wrote The Art of War, which discusses a (8) of universal military rules and proposes a complete military theoretical system. The book has 13 subjects in 13 chapters. For example, Strategy Chapter talks about the merits of waging (发动) a particular war. (9) . He wrote the five basic elements decisive for war: politics, timeliness (时机), favorable geographical location, commanders and law. The Chapter of Strategy of Attack is about how to attack the enemy. Sun Wu believed battles should be won with the least cost; (10) . He thought the best way to win a war is through political strategy. In the Chapter of Use of Spy, (11) .Keys:(1)tremendous (2)strategic (3)applied (4)honored/honoured (5)escape (6)defeated (7)reflecting (8)series(9)It reminds the reader of the strong relationship between war and politics and the economy.(10)such as capturing an enemy’s castle without a direct fight or conquerring an enemy state without an enduring war.(11)he said various spies must be used to obtain a wide range of information before a war.Section II Vocabulary V. Blank filling (with the correct form)Directions: Fill in the blanks in the following sentences with the correct form of the words given in the brackets. 1. After a ______ five-year absence from his tribe in the 1850s, Molalla had returned in silk robes. (mystery)Key: mysterious72. I was invited to attend the meeting as an ______. (observe)Key: observer3. ______ on these machines, we start knitting from the right and patterns are worked out accordingly. (normal) Key: Normally4. Teams need to be developed in terms of their ability to ______ and to make use of systematic approaches to problem-solving. (interaction)Key: interact5. The view from its window across Thrush Green never ceased to ______ Ruth Bassett. (enchantment)Key: enchant6. An improvisation of this kind does ______ the actors with a situation where they have to be emotionally truthful. (confrontation)Key: confront7. The object of these letters was to bring Vial’s plan to the notice of the ______ readers of The Gentleman’s Magazine. (influence)Key: influential8. She was so deeply impressed by his ______ language that she decided to marry him in no time. (poem)Key: poetic9. The answer to the problem of anxiety and ______ which is derived from the sense of loneliness, is to be found through love. (meaningless)Key: meaninglessness10. Due to inadequate consideration beforehand, we have been cast into ______. (passive)Key: passivity11. Certainly it must help them locate a mate and ______ a feeling of social togetherness.(inducement)Key: induce12. You should always keep in mind that a bright future ______ you. (wait)Key: awaits13. The ______ is a thrilling one, and I enjoy it immensely. (sense)Key: sensation814. A two-run defeat seemed set fair to ______ England, but their batsmen did not do badly in the second game at Sydney. (moralize)Key: demoralize15. After signing the ______, he was taken to the jail by the police. (confess)Key: confession16. Government itself was rarely the active initiator in the move to criminalize _______. (immoral)Key: immorality17. The ______ of documents helps us a lot to find the right one we need. (classify)Key: classification18. The aim of the course is to ______our understanding of other cultures. (rich)Key: enrich19. Many bus companies provide ______ fare tickets especially for tourists. (advantage)Key: advantageous20. Indeed the scale of decline for such a major party is virtually ______ in any other state in postwar Western Europe. (paralleled)Key: unparalleledVI. Choosing the right wordDirections: Complete the sentences with the correct form of the words in the box.1. My mother had wept very little, her tears dried by her ______, but I had cried for her.2. Some is cut and stored in silos by being packed tightly to _______ air. 3. Five minutes later, the alarm wakes him again, cheeping ______ like a mechanical bird. 4. As the 20th century has shown, this bond was strong enough to ______ even greater demographic changes. 5. She stood undecided in the rain, wanting ______ to find Simon yet not daring to step inside.6. Environmentalists advocate a total ______ on the dumping of nuclear waste.7. We were briefly over a thousand feet per minute of the Vertical Speed Indicator before I had to ______ back to slide into position.8. In the course of the trial, Lucas made a false ______ which he later denied.9. It is this person’s duty to ______ and maintain communication with affiliated member groups exclude desperately prohibition strive insistentlywrath throttle confession withstand foster9and other interested groups.10. The need to ______ for such aims that can only be thought of as fundamental and humanitarian.Keys:1. wrath 2. exclude 3. insistently 4. withstand 5. desperately6. prohibition 7. throttle 8. confession 9. foster 10. strive1. I know how ______ you have felt the influence of nature — its loveliness, its deep solemnity and its overwhelming power to strike awe.2. He reached into any dip of information for ______ on the customs of the people of Oceania.3. You may have to help him at first, but as he progresses, he can ______ more complicated puzzles.4. She clasped her hands in excitement, every inch of her filled with an ______ happiness.5. The big talking point is the addition of grated chocolate to darken and ______ the sauce.6. Flush from his success at national level, he decided to turn his ______ talents to European politics.7. I’ve got all this correspondence to ______ through before I can go home.8. The volunteers are not free from their own ______ view of the inner London paid worker.9. Moran complained about the unnecessary disturbance though it was the cost that he was ______ worried about.10. Your article included some ______ remarks about lifestyle and income.Keys:1. intensely 2. enlightenment 3. tackle 4. irrepressible 5. enrich6. prodigious 7. wade 8. stereotypical 9. secretly 10. gratuitousVII. Multiple choicesDirections: Choose the best answer from the four choices marked A, B, C and D.1. On my first day at work I was ______ with the task of chairing a meeting.A. met B. tackled C. confronted D. encountered Key: C2. Death, for us, is the sorry end of the human story, not the ______ prelude to a new one.A. mystery B. mysterious C. mythology D. mythological Key: B3. What is truly ______ about the story is the result of the fall, and the divine purpose behind it.irrepressible wade tackle stereotypical enlightenmentenrich secretly prodigious gratuitous intensely10A. disconcerting   B. embarrassing C. puzzled D. disapprovingKey: A4. There is also a games room with table tennis, pool and video games and ______ some sort of activity or entertainment goes on.A. normally B. actually C. formerly D. typica



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